As the season slowly turns to spring, we’re beginning to emerge from the cocoons in which we’ve been hibernating over the winter months, and preparing for the long Nordic summer days ahead!

Nordic winters can be long and dark, so we make the most of them by filling the days and nights with Hygge, Fika and cosy moments in front of the fire. But the up-side to these months of shade is a summertime filled with light, as the sun endures throughout the night-times, keeping us awake and alert as the season edges ever nearer to Midsummer. We might not be there just yet, but the days are certainly starting to stretch out, the sun is climbing higher in the sky, and the cold, frosty Nordic days are bathed in bright sunlight.

Nothing beats the feeling of walking through that crisp air, wrapped up tight and warm against the last remaining gusts of winter – so we’ve come up with a perfect playlist to soundtrack that precise sentiment, mixing warm and cosy winter tunes with energised electronic efforts, carefully bridging the gap between the two seasons.

Allow the likes of Kornél Kovács, Little Dragon, Emilie Nicolas, AV AV AV and Samaris accompany you on the light-lit, frosty journeys as we embrace this stunning time of year, and follow the playlist on Spotify to be updated as we add more and more tracks as the season rolls on!

Friends of Nordic Playlist