About Magma

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*Magma from the Greek word μάγμα, meaning “mixture”

(*The red hot liquid rock that spews violently out of erupting volcanoes is called Lava. Before it rises to the earth’s surface it’s called Magma.)

Magma is an invitation to embark on an adventure through the intriguing and multifaceted landscape of sounds, aesthetics and modes of presentation inherent in the Nordic contemporary Music scene.

On a biweekly basis, a featured curator will invite us to take a personal glimpse into his/her mind and artistic practice. We’ll be inviting composers and individuals strongly affiliated with the Nordic contemporary music scene to present a wide array of content, ranging from interviews and introductions to works, to a ‘curated section’ of items of particular and significant interest, all chosen and recommended by the featured curator.

Editor: Francine Gorman

Consulting Editor: Arnbjörg María Danielsen

Magma has been developed as part of the Nordic Playlist, creating an easily accessible online portal for Nordic music and artists. The Nordic Playlist and its affiliate sites (Magma) are produced by NOMEX and supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.